What is VERVE? VERVE magazine is the first-of-its-kind online publication produced by University of Iowa students. We seek to produce content that is energetic and original. VERVE defined is 1) energy and enthusiasm, especially with artistic elements 2) archaic: special ability or talent. Together, this magazine serves the purpose of developing the craft of its contributors’ natural talent with a vigorous ardor that makes an audience feel rather than view the work published. Born from the student organization, Ed on Campus, VERVE was founded as a place for young magazine journalists to learn about what it takes to run a magazine and produce lifestyle content that boldly represents all that the University of Iowa and Iowa City have to offer.  Membership to Ed on Campus is not exclusive to journalism majors, but we pride ourselves on giving those with interests in the magazine industry a foundation for success. From concert reviews and cultural critiques to columns and personal essays to photoessays and podcasts, VERVE wants to showcase the talent of young creators without the topic constraints often seen with traditional print newspaper journalism. While we are a publication run by college journalists, our content seeks to dig deeper than mainstream college news sources and will always strive to produce content that is not only entertaining but also meaningful.

What is Ed on Campus? Ed on Campus Iowa is a student organization of aspiring magazine journalists. A college chapter of the national organization ED2010, Ed on Campus Iowa works to give young creators all the tools they need to be successful in the magazine industry. As an organization, we network with industry professionals to give students one on one time to ask questions, run skills and professional workshops, and take trips to Meredith Corporation and New York City annually to give students time to immerse themselves in the world of publishing. Interested in Ed? Shoot us an email at edoncampusiowa2010@gmail.com