Playing Dress Up: From Houston to Iowa City

Houston Fashion

Winter is an accessory in Houston. Before moving to Iowa, I’d never had to look at clothes and wonder if they would keep me warm because, in Houston, the coldest it gets during winter is 40°F. You can wear shorts and skirts without having to worry about freezing, and most of the time, a jacket … Read morePlaying Dress Up: From Houston to Iowa City

FALL: Comfort amongst change

Fall is a season that’s the backdrop of many songs, movies, celebrations, and memories which we hold incredibly dear to us. So of course it deserves to be written about as well. Now that it’s made its annual visit into our lives of course I mulled over it as deeply as I could and tried to bring its cold crisp feeling to the surface.

Love is walking 4 miles

Valentine’s Day is once a year, but with a love like Richard and Gail Sabo love is in the air every day. Coming up on their 66th anniversary, Richard Sabo recalls what it means to be in love and how it’s changed his life forever. For him, true love never fades when you treat every day like it’s the first time you fell for your other half.

The Science Behind the Suffering

Pulling out both his business card and his Indian Blood Certificate of Degree from his worn wallet, it is obvious to me that Joe D. Coulter holds two of his identities close to heart. Coulter, a professor emeritus at the University of Iowa College of Public Health, is actively involved with human rights advocacy for … Read moreThe Science Behind the Suffering