Van Gogh’s Catharsis through Art

Throughout his life, Vincent Van Gogh was plagued by many mental illnesses that affected his ability to function in the real world. His art was a frequent escape that quickly became an incentive to survive. His major pieces such as Poet’s Garden, Starry Night, and Wheatfield with Crows all capture deep truths about the human … Read moreVan Gogh’s Catharsis through Art

October Staff Picks: Spooky Movie Reviews

Featured: Hocus Pocus 2 Review by Tianna Bongiovanni If you are anything like me, you hold your breath when a major film studio announces the making of a sequel because, from my personal experience, they tend to let me down. By no means is it an easy task – expectations run high and the pressure … Read moreOctober Staff Picks: Spooky Movie Reviews

The Cuphead Show breathes new life into video game

While The Cuphead Show may emulate older cartoons in terms of art style, it’s anything but old. Between the art style, a wide cast of interesting characters, and chronological episodes that build off each other, The Cuphead Show creates a cartoon that is entertaining for both younger and older audiences.   The Cuphead Show is a … Read moreThe Cuphead Show breathes new life into video game