Nichole Shaw studies journalism and English on the publishing track at the University of Iowa. Her mission in life is to not only find and create valuable stories, but to help others craft them as well—for the art of storytelling is a practice that must be developed and crafted to ensure those voices that must be heard, are. The world is a blank page, people’s experiences are the text and the writer works with both to create a masterpiece worth reading.

Meria Ivy is a senior studying art and journalism at the University of Iowa. She’s passionate about crafting striking visuals and dynamic stories to speak on social issues and highlight local talent. She navigates her projects with the goal of creating accessible content that will draw people in, and make them want to dig deeper.

Maria Kuiper is a junior studying Journalism/Mass Communications, Arabic, Geography, and Human Rights. Topics she is interested in covering range from Islamophobia to environmental risks caused by livestock waste. When she is not expanding her oddly specific interests, she is spending time with her cat Big Gus.

Elisabeth Oster studies Journalism at the University of Iowa. She hopes to explore how media affects society in creative and practical manners, potentially with strategic public relations. If there’s a record store in town, Elisabeth’s definitely been there; but as a broke college student, she’s trying to cap her record collection at 200. 

Seton Warren is the Social Media Manager for Ed on Campus/VERVE. She is a junior majoring in Communication Studies and hopes to work in PR after graduating. Seton believes in Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, but is pretty ashamed about it.

Cassandra is a senior this year, studying English and creative writing and German. After graduation, she plans to work in the literary publishing industry and highlight diverse voices through literary translation. She enjoys writing about her recent reads and favorite music artists.

Grace Barker is a junior studying English and Creative Writing as well as Journalism and Mass Communication. She is passionate about storytelling in all mediums and hopes to work with stories the rest of her life. She is the Review Editor for VERVE. When she’s not reading and writing she’s watching comedy specials on Netflix.

Ashton Hooley is a first-year in the English and Creative Writing major. He is now the editor of the opinions column for VERVE magazine. Ashton is super excited to see what this year brings him! 

Della Gritsch is the Lifestyle Editor of Verve Magazine. She is a Creative Writing major on the publishing track. She believes that everyone has a story to tell, and her goal is to help them create it.

Kate Gibertini is the Video Editor for VERVE Magazine. She is a 3rd year cinema major with a minor in art. She is shockingly from a suburb of Chicago and thinks pushing the limits of what is considered professional to be hilarious.