5 Podcasts Every Millennial Woman Needs to Subscribe to

I’d like to think that I was on the whole podcast train before it was the cool thing to listen to… But instead, I’m going to own being basic because I’ve learned it’s what I’m best at. If you haven’t joined the bandwagon yet, then what are you waiting for?

Let me sum up my love for podcasts in a few sentences and share some killer recommendations.

Podcasts are basically there for when you’ve had enough of hearing Travis Scott’s
“goosebumps on the radio but at the same time are too lazy to pick up the phone and call your best friend. It’s almost like a supplement for your human interaction for the day; makes car rides just that a little more bearable; and most importantly, it acts as a sounding board for #realtalk and conversations among women.

I’ve noticed that my subscribed list consists mostly of women hostesses that have sucked me into a range of different topics. I think all women, and I put millennial in the title because well, that’s what I am, should also listen to what these women have to say.

In no particular order, here are 5 podcasts you need to subscribe to ASAP (like literally right after reading this article).

Off the Vine


Host: Kaitlyn Bristowe 

Airs: Tuesdays

Now I have been a snapbackbean (only the true fans will get that reference) fan forever so when I heard Kaitlyn Bristowe was going to be podcasting I was pumped. She has had all types of people on her podcast—former stars from ABC’s The Bachelor, singers, her fam, even a medium! She doesn’t focus on her time during the Bachelorette and spend all 60 something minutes “looking back at the glory days,” she’s much more than what we all saw on TV.

She has dedicated time to talking about #realstagrams, a natural beauty movement to encourage women to post pictures without make up to embrace their natural beauty. Kaitlyn has also touched on self-esteem promotion and that women should be leaning on each other instead of spending hours scrolling on the infamous “explore” page on Instagram.

Bristowe keeps it fresh while also maybe downing a bottle of wine in the process. But who wouldn’t want to listen to that on their way to work every Tuesday morning?

Cosmo’s Happy Hour 


Host: Elisa Benson

Although it doesn’t air anymore, there are 100 episodes for you to listen to so let’s not complain. From sex tips to real life scenarios and everything in between, Cosmo’s Happy Hour podcast has a little something for everyone. Not to mention the constant stream of guest hosts, keeping you on your toes for the following episode.

Benson isn’t afraid to dig into the hard topics such as body image, addiction (the bad and good kind), job hiccups, and more. Of course, the ever so often behind the scenes episodes can’t be a miss. My favorite? Episode 95: ‘Behind the Scenes of “The Bold Type.'” Another crazy obsession of mine. What? Can I not want to be Jane when I grow up? But, that’s a rant for another time.

I Don’t Get It 


Hosts: Ashley & Lauren Iaconetti, and Naz Perez 

Airs: Sundays  

I don’t think I have ever related to a celeb, let alone to someone I have never met before, more than I do with these three girls. Like c’mon, I don’t get it either why guys think it’s okay to ghost you and not call back? I’m still here, thank you very much.

I have found myself walking to class and actually lol-ing with headphones in. Do you know how weird that looks? They’re that funny. The other day I listened to five episodes straight, keep in mind each of these were almost an hour long. I didn’t even realize how much time had passed because I was so zoned on what they were discussing.

If you’re looking for a good laugh and have some “I don’t get it” questions this is the podcast for you. This podcast makes you feel like you aren’t alone. You might find out you had more than you thought.

Call Your Girlfriend 


Hosts: Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman 

Airs: Fridays 

Missing your bestie a little more than usual today? Nothing sucks more than living away from your sister from another mister. It’s a long distance relationship for goodness sakes, do you know how hard that is? Let me tell ya, it ain’t easy.

These long distance girlfriends will make you feel like you’re talking to your own. Catching up can be entertaining, especially when you have days or weeks of news bottled up to share. Listen to these girlies as they unravel trending topics in society while also bubbling over the beauty of a strong meaningful friendship.

The LadyGang 


Hosts: Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek, and Becca Tobin 

Airs: Tuesdays 

Who’s your LadyGang? Downright hilarious but honest, these girls lay it all out on the table and won’t hold back their opinions. As if having three high energy girls host a podcast isn’t enough, they’ve landed guest speakers such as Nastia Liukin, Nelly Furtado, Ashley Tisdale, the list goes on (like 50 plus more guest speakers on).

Interested in the Hollywood life but don’t feel like moving there to find out? Want more sex and relationship tips (no matter how many we get, it feels like there’s never enough)? Then maybe you should head on over to the podcast app and subscribe.


Alright lovelies, if you made it to the end of this article you’re a rockstar. If you’ve never listened to a podcast in your life, then you’re welcome honey, because I have you set for days.

If you’re a podcast fanatic and have already purged this list- message me so we can discuss. Until then, happy listening! I hope if anything you walk away with a few laughs and feel good vibes because you deserve it!

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