Key Into Something Greater Than Gossip

We Need to Think Twice About What News is Worth Our Time Getting wrapped up in media such as TMZ, ENews, or EXTRA has been an ongoing issue worldwide since the internet started to become a stronger source of gossip rather than research. Besides TV channels, social media sites that are filled with influencers boasting about … Read moreKey Into Something Greater Than Gossip

The Battle Against Social Media

Those of us who are currently in college have experienced life like no generation before us. For many of us, we spent our formative years running outside with our siblings and friends, watching cartoons, playing with toys, and trying to beat games on our Gameboys; this is especially true for me. However, as we reached … Read moreThe Battle Against Social Media

Traveling in Iowa

Spring break is right around the corner and summer is already on many of our minds, so it’s time to start planning. Instead of just hanging out at home, in Iowa City, or traveling halfway across the country, how about taking a short, cheap trip throughout Iowa? Even if you are from Iowa, like me, … Read moreTraveling in Iowa

Start Caring About YOU

Caring for yourself means more than purchasing face masks at the store and sharing a bottle of “pink wine” with your friends while watching movies. Those activities may help for a couple hours, and your skin may be “glowing” the next day—but keeping a glow inside you, and having a high you don’t have to … Read moreStart Caring About YOU

Student Guide to Iowa City: A Video Series

I absolutely love Iowa City. It has, without a doubt, become my home away from home over the past four years. I wanted to take advantage of my final months in this cultured town and capture some of my favorite napping places, restaurants, and entertainment venues. While these videos certainly don’t do justice to the … Read moreStudent Guide to Iowa City: A Video Series

Why Everyone Needs a Phoebe Buffay In Their Life

Ah, Friends. The 90’s sitcom that has taken the world by storm. Even though this show is “technically” before my time, I have never related to a group of fictional characters so much in my entire 22 years of life. I can shamelessly admit that I’ve seen each episode at least 15 times and I … Read moreWhy Everyone Needs a Phoebe Buffay In Their Life

Why Every Millennial Woman Should Listen to Julia Michaels’ New EP

Julia Michaels doesn’t sugar coat anything. Her music delves into important issues that most pop singers gloss over, taking the easy route by romanticizing life and love. Not Michaels – she lays it all on the line, baring her soul for people to take or leave. Her second EP, Inner Monologue, Pt. 1, is exactly … Read moreWhy Every Millennial Woman Should Listen to Julia Michaels’ New EP