A New Outlook On Second Chances

They say miracles aren’t possible—that they’re a cliché only found in the movies. People may say that miracles aren’t attainable in real life, and if you believe in them then you’re oblivious to the real world. Although I was skeptical of those ideas for countless years, I had a realization. Miracles don’t manifest the ways we … Read moreA New Outlook On Second Chances

Four Yoga Poses To Help You Unwind

It’s hard to believe that the semester isn’t even halfway over, but the ongoing stress makes it feel like we’ve already hit week 34. This stress accumulates and makes life so much harder. There are many different methods to help get rid of stress, some of my favorites are crying and stress eating. However, there … Read moreFour Yoga Poses To Help You Unwind

Iowa City’s Hidden Gems: Study Spots to Explore this Semester

Slipping on ice hidden beneath snow banks that reach almost up to our knees. Biting wind that leaves our cheeks pink and our fingers stiff. Even though they call it “Spring” semester, we all find ourselves in the thick of winter, eyes squinted against fast flying flakes. Before we can shed our jackets and boots … Read moreIowa City’s Hidden Gems: Study Spots to Explore this Semester

Shows to watch during a busy spring semester

The spring semester has commenced and that means students are back on that college grind. As I’m writing this, cocooned in the comforts of my plush blanket with candles burning, I’m already trying to run away from the immense stress and lack of sleep I’ve already been subjected to in these first two weeks. Will … Read moreShows to watch during a busy spring semester

6 Albums to Look Forward to in 2019

A new year means new experiences, new goals and lots of new music. 2018 brought us many memorable music moments with the releases of fantastic albums. We gained the soft, sparkly tunes of Kacey Musgraves’ Golden Hour, Vance Joy’s raw vocals on his second album, Nation of Two, the spicy, soaring anthems from Camila Cabello’s debut album, Camila, … Read more6 Albums to Look Forward to in 2019

Blue Moose Tap House is THAT place

“I can’t believe that people are okay with this, it’s mind-blowing to me… Just be prepared to have your mind blown.”-Daniel Green Everyone finds their niche in some way, somehow. Through trial and error, mistake, or new-found glory, everyone finds it. There are multiple outlets we discover throughout our lives that allow us to indulge … Read moreBlue Moose Tap House is THAT place

The Bell Jar: A Truly {Modern} Classic

A “modern classic.” Over the course of our scholarly careers, we’ve heard of this type of book over and over again, and yet the idea of a modern classic means something different to each reader. Some of us think of books we had to force ourselves to read in high school or gen ed classes, … Read moreThe Bell Jar: A Truly {Modern} Classic

Who’s That Girl?

It would be impossible to count how many times my friends or I have said the words, “I don’t want to be that girl.”  This is the unwritten rule among girls to avoid exhibiting certain qualities, specifically directed at boys. “That girl” is needy, clingy, demanding, whiny, and overdramatic. Guys supposedly hate her and girls … Read moreWho’s That Girl?

Ending the Road to Perfection

Growing up as a Disney watcher—as so many of us did—it was easy to catch onto so many clichés. Hannah Montana promised us that “nobody’s perfect,” and her Disney peer Selena Gomez offered a much different piece of advice with the familiar chorus of “Who says you’re not perfect.” For me, the conversation with perfection was much … Read moreEnding the Road to Perfection