Stitchers: The New Age of Needlework

Embroidery and cross stitch are art forms you might find in picture frames hanging on the walls of your grandparents or parents’ homes. These types of needlework seem to be a pastime, of well, the past. It is not often you see young adults spending their free time threading a needle to make art with … Read moreStitchers: The New Age of Needlework

Rockin’ for a New Generation

“Fashion goes in cycles,” is a comment that I heard in high school right when 90’s chokers were making a reappearance. That statement isn’t shocking to many of us, as we are buying or thrifting mom jeans and stealing old clothes from the back of our parents’ closets. But is this the case for music … Read moreRockin’ for a New Generation

New Year, New Goals

The New Year is approaching, and that means the dread of coming up with a New Years resolution or the guilt that you’re not going to make one. Personally, I think New Year’s Resolutions are overrated and honestly depressing. I prefer small goals: they’re more attainable and you can work on them throughout the whole … Read moreNew Year, New Goals