How to Make Your Own Skincare Products: Facial Scrubs

Exfoliation removes dead skin, leaving it feeling phenomenally smooth. But, the best ingredients for facial scrubs are natural ingredients.

Here are 2 facial scrubs that will have you reaching for your kitchen cabinets.

The recommended amount of exfoliation of the face is 2-3 times per week to avoid irritation to the skin.

However, the honey & oat facial scrub is gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. Most importantly, it’s great for winter months when your skin becomes drier.

Honey & Oat Facial Scrub

Uncooked Oats

With their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, uncooked oats sooth dry, itchy, irritated skin. Due to these properties, uncooked oats are gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin or dry skin.

Olive Oil

We recommend that you use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as it contains oleocanthal, which moisturizes and soothes irritation, such as excessive dryness or sun burn.

Olive oil will help to moisturize your skin as the uncooked oats exfoliate by absorbing water and holding it against the skin.


Honey absorbs water well to moisturize the skin. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which soothe dry, irritated skin while helping eliminate and prevent breakouts. Honey is often used in facial cleansers because of its antibacterial and moisturizing benefits. We feature this miracle ingredient in our Coconut Honey Facial Cleanser, too.

Final Verdict

This facial scrub was very gentle, unlike other facial scrubs where it feels like I’m rubbing rocks against my face. This honey and oat facial scrub helped soothe my windburned skin, and it’s no longer irritated!

Citrus & Honey Facial Scrub

Fresh Lemon

Lemons contain antibacterial properties, which makes this a great facial scrub for those with acne-prone skin. That being said, it’s quite strong, so if you have sensitive skin, I recommend testing a smaller amount of lemon juice before going up to the full amount specified in the recipe.


The sugar helps to remove any dead skin and excess make-up.


Several homemade skincare products contain honey due to its moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It soothes irritation while leaving it smooth.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil absorbs water and holds it against the skin, allowing it to moisturize the skin.

Final Verdict

This facial scrub helped to clear up the acne on my chin that resulted from my midterms the week prior. It also made my skin brighter and more even-toned. It’s strong due to the fresh lemon juice, so I would use it sparingly and maybe only 2 times per week, especially if you have sensitive skin or it’s winter, when skin tends to become drier. In this case, I would use the honey and oat facial scrub.

These facial scrubs will leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed – happy exfoliating!

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