4 Comedians to Keep You Laughing over Fall Break

I discovered my love for stand up comedy over the past few years, and have used Netflix to discover lots of hilarious comedians.  This is a list of four of my favorite comedians that you should check out over fall break while you digest all that delicious food, and maybe break up the family awkwardness.

1. John Mulaney

To start this off: the king of millennial comedy, John Mulaney. Mulaney bases a lot of his sets on his perpetual need to please people, and the embarrassing moments of the stage of life he’s in. He currently has three specials: New In Town, Comeback Kid, and Kid Gorgeous. He really understands the current generation’s issues, whether it’s college loans, being single, or the desire to just do nothing.

2. Mike Birbiglia

Mike Birbiglia has a unique style of comedy. Instead of telling jokes, he tells elaborate true stories from his life that come full circle at the end of his set. He talks about his childhood, awkward things he’s said, dating disasters, and his love of jokes. He has three specials: What I Should Have Said Was Nothing, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, and Thank God For Jokes. He started his material from a blog years ago called My Secret Public Diary, and his shows definitely fit along the lines of a diary, just told to a very large audience.

3. Ali Wong

Ali Wong is pregnant in both her specials and this pregnant lady is here to take names. Her sets discuss being a wife, mother, working woman, her sex life, and being an Asian woman. And she does all of this while carrying a child inside of her. Wong has two specials out: Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife. This wannabe stay-at-home mom works hard writing television scripts and producing great stand up routines that divulge the secrets of womanhood and motherhood.

4. James Acaster

James Acaster is an English comedian, so not only is he funny, but he does it all with an accent. He has four episodes in his special, Repertoire. In each episode, he has a different backstory and persona. His quirky humor, props, and even outfits make for an off the wall performance like nothing you’ve ever seen before. He talks about being on a jury, how to fold a box perfectly, and going into witness protection program. Each episode in this back to back set is packed full of a high energy performances with creative characters.

What better way to pass time waiting for the food to be ready, than by spending it laughing? Check out these comedians this fall break.

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