Blue Moose Tap House is THAT place

“I can’t believe that people are okay with this, it’s mind-blowing to me… Just be prepared to have your mind blown.”-Daniel Green

Jasha Tull, “Space Jesus” wastes no time throwing down on the decks

Everyone finds their niche in some way, somehow. Through trial and error, mistake, or new-found glory, everyone finds it. There are multiple outlets we discover throughout our lives that allow us to indulge our fantasies of what a perfect escape is. In the heart of Iowa City, lays that haven: Blue Moose Tap House.

The elements that make these places special are greater than what can be seen from an outside perspective. The magic is in the details. How a place is run and who is in charge makes a big difference, of course. Besides the security, bartenders, and attendees, one person, in particular, stands out. The man behind the madness is Daniel Green.

Daniel Green is the president at SubConscious Productions, the company that brings the talent to Blue Moose. He’s the one who sets the scene for the special moments the concert goers experience through the artists he books. Almost every other week something is going on at the venue due to his commitment to pique the interest of those who want in on the new wave.

In a phone conversation, Green took me through the beginning and future of EDM at Blue Moose. He explained how he was an ardent concertgoer from the age of thirteen and is still passionate about it today. He stressed to me his confusion after his first EDM concert, “How did I not know about this a long time ago, how are people letting this happen?” He was in awe with how much excitement can take place under one stage, regretting not taking part in these concerts sooner. In other words, this new experience was euphoric. The rush of an EDM concert is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. From the bright lights to the visuals provided, it’s something that everyone should experience at least once in their life, and Blue Moose can help with that.

Alexander Dennis, “EPROM” hits the crowd with his dark underground sound

The scene is still growing. An influx of people are coming to the venue, and highly recognized artists are getting booked to excite Iowa City. “Electronic music encapsulates everything you can get from a concert,” said Green with passion in every word. Even if you have never been, it’s a place to find a potential new love, an appreciation for what these unconventional artists do. This year Green has taken more chances when booking artists and the people have been loving it. There’s a concert for everyone— whether the show that night is Dubstep, House, or Future Bass – everyone can get a taste of EDM they like. It’s insane to see the progress of the scene here, “It used to be a place people scoffed at,”. Iowa was never the place where anyone thought EDM would be a hit, but it is now.

If you’re looking for a place to unwind and find your potential nirvana, Blue Moose Tap House is worth a shot. Be prepared for a night engulfed with new sounds and bright lasers. Open your mind up to a new hype that’s taking over the city.

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