Dani's Outfit Excerpt

Point of Fashion>>>Dani

Point of fashion >>> 

For Dani, the point of their fashion is to make up for all the years they felt as though they had to be someone else. Now that they’re in college, they finally have the chance to be themselves without worrying about what people will think. It took them a while to figure out how they want to be perceived, but now they’re able to express this better through their fashion.

Dani believes that fashion can speak for you and speak to things that you can’t say out loud. Their fashion helps to express their queer and Jewish identity. They believe that it’s important to be open and loud about who you are and to be proud of your identity since it shows others that they can be proud too. They believe that this is especially important for identities that have been ignored, or ones that receive less representation in the media.

Coming out and coming to terms with who you are is a journey that can be expressed through fashion.

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