Coronavirus shocks athletes and fans

With the pandemic spread of COVID-19, athletic seasons have come to a halt.  Featured image illustration by Elisabeth Oster. Logo courtesy of NCAA. Growing up in a zealous, athletic family, I’ve attended more sporting events than I can keep track of. As the baby of the family, I watched my siblings compete at both high … Read moreCoronavirus shocks athletes and fans

Laura VandeBerg: The Woman Behind the Microphone

Laura VandeBerg stands in front of over 69,000 screaming fans every week. That dedication is attributed to only one reason: she is someone who loves the Hawkeyes and wants to tell their stories.  She has become a staple at Hawkeye games through her interviews, fashion, and passion. However, even with her large presence, there is … Read moreLaura VandeBerg: The Woman Behind the Microphone