How to Make Your Own Skincare Products: Lip Scrub

That lipstick you wore last night may look good now, but if it’s still on your lips in the morning… things can get messy.

To help you out, here are two natural lip scrub recipes that will remove any lipstick lingering by the end of the night while also removing dead skin, making your lips extraordinarily smooth.

Coffee Lip Scrub

Olive Oil

Olive Oil absorbs water and holds it against the skin, moisturizing your lips.

Also, if you use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which contains the compound oleocanthal, you’ll soothe any skin irritation, such as excessive dryness or sunburn.

Coffee Grounds

The coffee grounds will help remove any dead skin on your lips, so they will be soft, smooth, and perfectly kissable!


Honey contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, while also moisturizing skin by absorbing water. The anti-inflammatory helps sooth redness and the antibacterial properties help with skin blemishes, which is why honey is often used in facial scrubs and cleansers. Be sure to read our article on Coconut Honey Facial Cleanser.

Final Verdict

This lip scrub is fairly difficult to scrub on if you do not have enough honey or olive oil in the mixture, so I recommend testing it on your skin and adjusting the amount of honey and olive oil (or even adding water to the mixture) as needed for it to spread more easily. Overall, though, it left my lips lipstick-free and smooth! Also, the smell of coffee awakened my senses! 🙂

Coconut & Honey Lip Scrub

Coconut Oil

Without greasy residue left behind by some moisturizers, coconut oil leaves skin smooth while absorbing moisture and alleviating dry skin with its antibacterial properties. It’s also great at removing matte lipstick!


The sugar will help remove any dead skin and make-up due to its rough texture.


Several homemade skincare products contain honey due to its moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It soothes irritation while leaving skin smooth.


Adding water adds to the mixture’s texture so it can be applied smoothly.

Final Verdict

This lip scrub spread on more easily than the coffee scrub, and the sugar felt gentler on my skin because it was less coarse than the grounded coffee. The coconut honey scrub left my lips feeling smooth and refreshed. My favorite part? It smells super sweet!

These lip scrubs will soothe the driest lips and remove this evening’s (or last night’s) matte lip stick.

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