Zombie Burger: Feeding the Undead Craze

Zombie heads… this eye catching wall art is impossible to miss when entering Iowa City’s Zombie Burger and Shake Lab. It might sound distasteful, but I’m here to tell you it is just about one of the most creative and gourmet burger places perhaps ever.

The Iowa chain has taken the trip down I80 West and landed two prime spots in the Iowa City vicinity, one downtown right next to the Sheraton and the other in Coral Ridge mall. As a girl who grew up in Des Moines, I’ve been with Zombie Burger from the beginning, and I’m here to tell you what I know.

What makes Zombie Burger and Zombie Drink Lab so unique is not only the food, but the restaurant’s theme. The Zombie apocalypse theme can turn a regular burger into an experience. Cartoon pictures of flesh-eating-humans and metal cage scenery accompany a menu with titles such as “Sarah’s Revenge” and “Planet Terror.” Even a zombified Herky is depicted amidst an apocalyptic scene on the Pentacrest in IC’s downtown location.

After many spur of the moment Zombie runs and an accumulation of opinions from friends back home, I’ve picked out the top two burgers and top two shakes on the menu.

Here’s what to get if you’re a newbie to zombie apocalypse food!

“They’re Coming to Get You Barbara”

This burger is for the ultimate grilled cheese lover. The bun is made of two grilled cheese sandwiches. Yes, two deliciously classic, grilled cheese sandwiches. I mean who doesn’t love a classic grilled cheese!? The burger is topped with American cheese, bacon, caramelized onion and the infamous zombie sauce. The invention of zombie sauce was definitely inspired by thousand island with a little ketchup and mayo. Sounds a little weird, but its bomb on a burger.

“Trailer Trash Zombie”

Fried pickles are my ish , and this burger happens to come with a giant spear that couldn’t be better. Along with the pickle are: cheese curds, chicken fried bacon, American cheese and of course ranch dressing. It truly doesn’t get any better. Cheese curds come in a close second to my beloved fried pickles, pair them with some ranch and toss them in a burger… YUM.

Okay, so now onto the best part, shakes! Not going to lie, being able to pick out two shakes is pretty tough, so before I get into it, I’d like give some credit to an honorary mention. Although it’s not part of the top two, the “Pumpkin Pie” shake is a must try. This unique shake is offered year round and I’ve heard it described as “like you took a piece of pumpkin pie and threw it in the blender!”

The top shake to try is by far “Zombie Bride Wedding Cake”.

This cake batter shake is made with vanilla ice cream and yellow cake batter. This thick, rich shake could seriously win over any cake lover’s heart. Honestly, just a cake liker? It’ll most likely win you over too!

This second shake is more of a shake category, but it is so unique they all deserve some credit! Cereal shakes.

Vanilla shakes topped with cereal. It might sound kind of strange, but the shakes come topped in either Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Crunch Berries, Fruity Pebbles, or Rice Krispies! The Fruity Pebble and Rice Krispy Treat shakes also come with marshmallow cream mixed in. Next time you’re up for trying something new, definitely give a cereal shake a try.


So there we have it, some of the best food Zombie Burger has to offer! But, I wouldn’t recommend just limiting yourself to the options above. All apocalyptic food at Zombie Burger is pretty tasty. The menu is very customizable and the Zombie Burger in downtown Iowa City even offers spiked shakes for that little something ~extra~ if you’re ever in that ballpark. Head on over soon to see what all the craze is about!

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