5 Drugstore Lipstick Dupes Every College Girl Needs

You know that feeling when you get to the end of your favorite luxe lipstick and your heart falls out your ass? Us college girls spend so much money on the cosmetics—whether that be from your basic foundation you rock in Monday afternoon lectures or a sexy sheer gloss that you let loose in your favorite club on a Friday night.

We take pride in our appearance and all for different reasons. For me, makeup makes me feel unstoppable when my highlight is poppin’. Raquel Carter, first-year at the University of Iowa, says makeup boosts her self confidence. “I love to experiment with different looks. Makeup makes me feel pretty and it gives me a way to exaggerate the facial features I like, and hide the facial feature I don’t.”

Whatever your reason is, we can all agree that makeup has made a big splash all of our daily lives. Unfortunately, the makeup industry exploits our wallets and us college kid don’t have that many bucks to spend.

If you’re looking to save some cash and look stunning every. single. day. we recommend these 5 drugstore lipstick dupes that can substitute for those extra luxurious products you can’t always afford but need in your life.

ColourPop (Not only better, but cheaper than KylieCosmetics! What is this sorcery?)

Okay, so while ColourPop isn’t sold in the drugstore but retails online and in some Sephoras, they have hella good prices and amazing lipsticks that come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your every need on a short budget.

My personal favorite is the LippieStix that functions as an ultra matte finish lipstick with shea butter and Vitamin E– it lasts forever.

This companysure knows how to serve up luxurious products that seem like they should be four times the price of what they actually are. Compare this brand to KylieCosmetics (although personal opinion, I think ColourPop is waaayyyy better). All LippieStix only come in at $5, so get ready for a mass haul (online orders over $30 get you free shipping)! There other lipstick styles like satin, liquid, and metallic finishes that don’t price over $8.

e.l.f. (holy hell it’s the new NARS)

When you’re in a jam and have run out of literally any cosmetic product, e.l.f. has got your back at some seriously reasonable prices.

Specifically, I’m talking about their killer lipsticks. With quality rivaling that of NARS, e.l.f. has all the lipstick styles you would need to doll yourself up on a tight budget. The gods have graced us with their price ranges from $2.00-$6.00 at practically any location near you. My personal favorite is their Moisturizing Lipstick that acts as a chapstick but has amazing pigment. The holiday season is coming up so get a little e.l.f. to feel that extra bit of magic.

Covergirl (it really is easy and breezy)

Not going to lie, I love MAC but their good stuff leans heavy on the pricey side. But fear not, Covergirl is here!

Covergirl offers the same long-lasting coverage and level of pigment that MAC lipstick products do, but at a fraction of the cost. While MAC’s Faux style is a fantastic go-to color, retailing at $16, you can get virtually the same color, style, and intensity from Covergirl’s Romance Romantique at $6.23. Who doesn’t love saving ten bucks? Can I hear a Hallelujah!

Essence (move over Givenchy)

Now, we all know Givenchy is top notch, I mean c’mon, it’s freaking Givenchy. But, why spend a whopping $36 on lipstick when you could spend three bucks.

Literally, $3. Essence will be there for you when you wanna look extra classy whilst only having a measly $5 bill in your wallet. So hop on over to your local drugstore, ‘cuz this lipstick is practically a steal.

and finally, L’Oréal

Ranging from prices of $5 to $14, L’O’réal has got your favorite lipsticks at a price that will make you grin from ear to ear, because you’re worth it.

Becca Swanson, University of Iowa freshman and makeup aficionado says, “My favorite lipsticks are the L’O’réal matte ones because they stay on and smell like cupcakes.” What can be better than long-lasting coverage, looking like a queen, and smelling like one of the best desserts that is known to mankind.


So, whatever your struggle, these drugstore dupes will make your life just a little bit better.

Makeup, and lipstick in particular, empowers us by elevating our perception of self image and for me, it makes me feel simply unstoppable. When you look like a boss, you feel like a boss. Lipstick is only a means to making you feel like the incredible woman I know you all are. So head on over to the drugstore and become a BAB.


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