Spring Semester as Told by ‘New Girl’

‘New Girl’ is a quirky sitcom with a group of fun and relatable characters, who can lift the spirits of even the most downtrodden from the fiery pits of hell that we call Spring Semester. This show appeals to so many people because everyone can relate to some tenet of each character’s personality, or at least the situations they find themselves in. They reflect who we are and where we’ve been, and they make us feel like we’re not alone—that maybe we’re not terrible at being adults, we’re just a little behind on the learning curve.

The main three characters alone are enough to show the ups and downs we endure on the journey to becoming functional adults. Jess is quirky, awkward, and full of good intentions, even though her plans and interactions often go awry. Nick is an under-achieving man-child who frequently makes bad choices, but he’s a great friend and always comes through in the end. Schmidt tends to be intense, offensive, and obsessed over his reputation, but he has a heart of gold and often becomes the “mom” of their dysfunctional group. They illuminate the good and bad things in life, and the zany and illogical things we do, just to make it through another day. Here are 15 times they were all of us.

1. When you walk into office hours ready to throw yourself at the mercy of your professor.  

Maybe you’re sliding into office hours for the first time the day before the exam because you skipped too many lectures and have no idea what’s going on. Or maybe you’re ready to take off for summer break and you’re trying to get your grade bumped just a little because your GPA is hanging in the balance. Either way, you just have to hope that your professor understands that we all take an L every once in awhile and you’re doing the best you can.

2. When you walk into your first exam and you haven’t lost the will to live yet.

You didn’t wait until the last minute to study, your notes are color coded, you found a Quizlet with all of the answers to the study guide. This exam is going to be a slam-dunk and you’re feeling yourself. You did the most and now you’re ready to sit back and let the hate and admiration of your classmates roll over you.

3. When you walk out of your exam and realize you got played.

The professor assured you that the exam was going to be easy, and there were no tricks. But hold on, you forgot that they’ve been studying that topic for the past thirty years. As it turns out “easy” is relative. Don’t forget! That study guide you spent hours studying was completely useless because it covered less than half of what was on the exam.

4. When you find out the final is cumulative.

Exams can drive the best of us to insanity without having to remember what we learned back in January. Summer is on the horizon, and none of us are mentally prepared to look back on those dark days.

5.When you find the will to get out of bed and make it to your 8 o’clock.

You thought you could do an 8 o’clock but in reality, making it to your 10:30 is a big ask. You get major bragging rights if you find the will to crawl out of your warm cocoon and brave the cold just to watch your professor read off a powerpoint for an hour.

6. When the due date is the ‘do’ date.

The Professor warned you that you wouldn’t receive an A if you wrote your paper at the last second. Yet here we are again. Writing a whole research paper the day it’s due. It’s honestly not that big of a deal though because you do some of your best work under pressure.

7. When it’s FINALLY Sunday and you take your broke a** to Airliner for dollar slices.

What’s better than pizza? CHEAP pizza. We’re all somewhere on the spectrum of broke, and it feels good to be fiscally responsible when you treat yourself. Even if your parents help you a little (okay, a lot) it feels good to find a bargain. Airliner is the perfect place for some squad bonding and dollar slices, to prepare yourself for the week.

8. When it’s wine night with the girls but you’re broke af.

Girls night is crucial to preserving your sanity and keeping up with your friends. The struggle is finding a time when you can all get together, and avoid scraping the bottom of your bank account when you do it.

9. When your advisor suggests that you take more than 18 semester hours in the fall.

Eighteen semester hours is pretty standard, but it feels overwhelming when each professor expects you to study an average of 9 hours outside of class in addition to homework, and show up to 2-3 classes each week. Not to mention you have to work to pay for your ever-rising tuition (especially if you’re declaring residency) if you have any hope of avoiding massive debt. Not to mention you’re expected to get internships and join student organizations, so you can get a job once you graduate…

10. When you see that FAFSA screwed you yet again.

Oh, FAFSA. It has put many of us in a whole. Are you too rich for financial aid, and too poor for college? Well, you’re out of luck until they realize your parent’s entire salary isn’t dedicated to paying your tuition. I guess it’s time to start applying for those scholarships.

11. When the more you learn the more you realize that the future is pretty damn bleak.

You’re paying $10,000+ a year so it’s good that you’re being educated. However, it’s a bummer when you realize what a dire place our world is in, and how much work has to be done.

12. When the TA calls you out.

You were being responsible and showed up to your discussion section, ready to sit quietly and listen as the TA clarified some important points. Sounds like a good plan, right? Not really, because after receiving deafening silence the TA will call on you even though your hand wasn’t raised, and you were clearly avoiding eye contact. Or better yet, you ask a question, and without any explanation, they ask you for the answer to it. What?

13. When you meet a cute boy that you vibe with.

Meeting new people can be nerve-racking as is, but now everywhere you look there are cute guys, which is so much worse. However, if you meet a good one that you vibe with, get over those nerves and say hi. Maybe he’ll end up being a dud or it just won’t work out, but he might end up being everything you hoped he’d be. It’s 2018 ladies, shoot your shot. You might miss, but isn’t that better than always wondering what if?

14. When you have to comfort your depressed friends, but you don’t know how because you’re depressed too.

It’s hard to be comforting when you’re drowning in homework, freaking out about interviews, and dealing with drama. However, if you’re a real friend you’ll do your best to be there for your friend even when feeling down, even if all you can do is sit there and be sad together.

15. When your friends are right there with you on this crazy roller coaster ride. 

None of the bad things seem to matter as much though because you meet so many great people throughout the year. They’re on this crazy ride with you, and you’re honestly just grateful that you found people who accept you exactly as you are. They’ll always be important to you because they’re around for the little things like deep convos, long nights, awkward jam sessions, and everything in between, that looking back were the best parts of your year.


No matter who you are, this show has something for you. Don’t forget to catch the premiere of the seventh season on April 1o, you wouldn’t want to risk missing out on any of their antics. Happy binging!

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