Stitchers: The New Age of Needlework

Embroidery and cross stitch are art forms you might find in picture frames hanging on the walls of your grandparents or parents’ homes. These types of needlework seem to be a pastime, of well, the past. It is not often you see young adults spending their free time threading a needle to make art with thread. Yet, there are young people that keep these traditions alive and present them on the newest platforms designed for younger generations. Keep reading to see Instagram stitch artists who are keeping embroidery and cross stitch alive, with their own flair.

Emma McKee

Emma McKee is based out of Chicago, and is rightfully dubbed the “Stitch Gawd.” She brings cross stitch to the clothing of hip-hop and rap artists. Her impressive list of clients includes Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, and Sza to name a few (Check her website to see more collaborations). Her designs are modern and beautifully intricate. She combines thread and contemporary designs, many times created on computers, to create thousands of square-shaped stitches. It is easy to say that she is bringing an antiquated art form to the 21st century.

Max of Pigeon Coop Designs

Max’s cross stitch work usually pays homage to the nature of his native Canada. The designs he creates with animals, cabins, mountains, and more create one of the coziest cross stitch Instagram feeds. While his works may not be large and elaborate, he opens the door to beginner stitchers by offering cross stitch kits. Most importantly though, he is breaking down stereotypes with every stitch he makes. Max proudly supports all crafty men and shows that stitching is not just for women, an important endeavor to make the crafty world more inclusive.

Brenna Allsuch

Allsuch is the embroidery artist behind the popular Instagram account, Thready Pulse. Her account is filled with gorgeous floral designs and detailed, sometimes quirky, customized orders. Her journey to becoming a stitch artist gives inspiration to all. As a nurse, mom, and wife, she followed her passion and developed a successful small business by giving embroidery a facelift with designs suited for this century. Her story shows that anyone can find a way to explore creative avenues even with a busy schedule.

Olivia of River Birth Threads

Olivia is an incredible artist and embroidery artist. She creates phenomenal landscape and animal portraits that make you wonder how someone could do that with thread. As Stitch Gawd does, Olivia works on clothing. However, her clothing is not for hip-hop artists, but for the casual wearers. She creates designs on hats, jackets, necklaces, skirts, and more. These designs usually feature landscapes and beautiful florals. She also creates customized pieces of wedding bouquets, homes, pets, and just about anything a person could want.

Michelle Staub

Michelle’s pet portraits are unreal! Her customized creations of people’s furry loved ones look just like their models down to every last detail. It is sometimes tricky to decide if you are looking at a photo or embroidery. She also adds some fun with flower details and banners. Her customized pieces add to the new generation of stitch art that encourages younger people to become interested in an antiquated art form.

Even if you don’t pick up a needle yourself, it is important to recognize these artists are paving the way for an art form that is many times overlooked as ‘stale.’ Each of these stitchers (plus so many other amazing ones) has an amazing set of skills and use them to bring embroidery and cross stitch to everyone.

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