Van Gogh’s Catharsis through Art

Throughout his life, Vincent Van Gogh was plagued by many mental illnesses that affected his ability to function in the real world. His art was a frequent escape that quickly became an incentive to survive. His major pieces such as Poet’s Garden, Starry Night, and Wheatfield with Crows all capture deep truths about the human … Read moreVan Gogh’s Catharsis through Art

Stitchers: The New Age of Needlework

Embroidery and cross stitch are art forms you might find in picture frames hanging on the walls of your grandparents or parents’ homes. These types of needlework seem to be a pastime, of well, the past. It is not often you see young adults spending their free time threading a needle to make art with … Read moreStitchers: The New Age of Needlework

Badass Student Feminist Makes Waves with Political Statement Art

61 melted guns, 75 survivors, 1 incredible statement on our nation’s domestic violence crisis The University of Iowa campus is anything but short of activists fighting for a wide variety of social justice issues. In fact, Iowa City is often recognized as a small college town filled with a booming voice in the world of … Read moreBadass Student Feminist Makes Waves with Political Statement Art