Beauty on a Budget

“Who said looking good had to cost so much?”

Although we’d like to go after the shiny pretty things when it comes to beauty products– we can’t always afford them. There’s choices we all have to make when we want to “splurge” on something nice for ourselves. More times than not, spending money on items that are necessary like food, etc. may be more important than picking out expensive makeup/beauty products.

If your pockets aren’t looking too deep right now, but the need to keep that high end appearance is important to you, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve noticed over the years, it’s getting easier to find products that offer the same results as high end products, without damaging your bank account. The hunt for products began when I started watching fashion gurus on YouTube. I noticed that many products include the same ingredients, but are at a higher price just because of the brand.

Okay, so let’s get into it.

Before putting on any makeup it’s vital to have a fresh base. The first important step is cleansing your face to get rid of any impurities, and to have a clean canvas for your makeup to lay on. A great cleanser that’s comparable to Fresh’s Soy Cleanser is Burt’s Bee’s Radiance Cleanser. This cleanser helps natural skin turn-over, while cleaning the face of dirt and oil.

As far as moisturizer goes, the dupe for Belief’s Moisturizing Bomb is Bliss’s Drench and Quench Moisturizer. With this moisturizer you get all the skin-loving hydration without going over board with spending cash. This moisturizer doesn’t have a heavy or greasy texture and with time improves the moisture barrier on your skin.

When it comes to priming the face for make-up it’s important to keep a dewy texture so that the makeup lays flat and sink sin to the skin seamlessly rather than looking patchy and dry. A high end primer that is known for offering moisture to the skin as well as a promise to keep makeup on is Two Faced: Hangover Primer, but the cheaper version of this product that offers the same benefits is Maybelline Face studio’s Master Prime Hydrating Primer. It promises to even out skin tone, something Two Faced‘s Primer doesn’t promise, along with of course, quenching the skin’s thirst and providing blurred beautiful canvas for foundation application.

For foundation, a non-cakey, yet pigmented formula is important to create an evened out appearance. I used to rave over Dior’s Star Foundation, but couldn’t keep up with the outrageous price, a friend mentioned how Revelon’s Age Defying Foundation is practically the same thing. Both foundations offer a seamless appearance, almost air-brushed looking. There’s no need to spend your last dime on foundation when the drug-store carries many different formulas that will fit your needs.

In order to set foundation, to make sure it stays in place, a loose-powder is necessary. Laura Mercier’s Setting Powder has been a favorite of many… but paying over 20 dollars?  No thanks. Try out Airspun’s Setting Powder, it offers no flashback in photos, and lightly lays on the face but locks in foundation and fills in fine lines.

To add to the natural look, but to enhance the eyes throw some mascara on. Benefit’s They’re Real mascara is known for providing length and curl, but Milani’s Lash Trifecta, will offer the same results of non-clumpy beautiful eyelashes.

Last but not least, to lock in moisture and to make your makeup appear even more blurred and effortless set your face with Loreal’s Infallible Setting Spray, instead of paying almost double the amount for Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray. Trust me… they both work the same, one is just cheaper. At the end of the day you can pay for the brand name, or you can save your wallet from a crisis.

Enjoy these tips, and enjoy having money to spend on making memories, and more useful investments than getting ripped off. All these products can be purchased at your local drug-store.

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