How to Get Over the Post-Spring Break Blues

The week after spring break sucks – there’s no nice way to put it. You’ve just enjoyed a ten-day escape from school and the thought of returning to class and exams seems impossible. You might have spent your time with your toes in the sand, margarita in hand. Maybe you explored a new city, walking along bustling streets and eating delicious food. Or maybe you simply spent the days blissfully binging Netflix on the couch, free from the pressure of student life. Whatever you did, it was probably much-needed time away and you never wanted it to be over. But all good things must come to an end, right? So now the question is, how do say goodbye to pools and piña coladas and hello to lectures and libraries? Instead of wallowing in your post-spring break blues, here are some easy ways to make sliding (or being dragged) back into your routine a little less painful.

Binge on Easter Candy

Starburst jelly beans, Peeps, and the holy grail of Easter candy – Reese’s eggs – we’ll take them all! There’s nothing chocolate can’t fix, and luckily Easter is right around the corner, meaning stores are bursting with egg-shaped sugary goodness. Grab a handful (or two) of these treats that are only available for the next few weeks and eat your sadness away. Seriously, it works.

Enjoy the Warmer Weather

It’s no secret that this winter has been brutal with a capital B. The temperatures are finally rising and the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds – we can hear the hallelujah chorus. Sure, it may not be 80 degrees like it was on your beach vacation, but let’s appreciate this bone mother nature is throwing us! Run outside instead of on the treadmill indoors, sit on patios for happy hour, and wake up a little early to take the long route to class. Okay, maybe scratch that last one – sleep is more important. The point is, embrace the fact that you can hang up your winter coat for the year and slip on your jean jacket instead.


Whip Out Your Spring Wardrobe

Speaking of clothes, now’s the time to pack up your turtlenecks and snow boots – say hello to t-shirts and sneakers! We all have our favorite seasonal outfits, so get excited to start wearing your spring staples. Put on that floral top that makes you feel flirty or those jean shorts that you’ve been holding out for warmer weather. The start of spring means playing dress up with those pretty pieces you’d forgotten about while you were bundled up in scarves and corduroys – take advantage of your new, lighter wardrobe.

Soak Up Time With Friends

The end of spring break means the end of March, and soon, the end of the spring semester. In just over a month, you’ll be saying goodbye to your friends as you head home for the summer. Take advantage of all of the time you have left with your college family and make more memories. Stay up late laughing at stupid movies and say yes to another drink at another bar – these are the things you’ll soon miss when you’re back home.

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