Unus Annus: A Warrior Against YouTube’s Algorithms

Unus Annus is a new channel that wishes to bring its audience hilarious new content everyday, but there’s a catch: after one year, the channel and all of its videos will be deleted, as a reminder that everything must die. This channel combats YouTube’s strict guidelines for how videos should be produced with the mature content it brings to its rapidly growing fan-base.

The Magic Behind Four-Time Grammy Winning Musician Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash came to the University of Iowa and held two events: a talk, free to the public, and then a concert. She took her audience through an inspirational journey that detailed the stories and processes by which her songs came to be produced.

Step Out of Your World

America is considered a melting pot of a wide amount of diverse cultures, races, and ethnicities. Many Americans themselves see America as the superior country, often using our diverse population of culture to validify their conclusion that America is superior. However, too often Americans shy away from cultural influence, they hide themselves from a culture different from … Read moreStep Out of Your World