Unus Annus: A Warrior Against YouTube’s Algorithms

Unus Annus is a new channel that wishes to bring its audience hilarious new content everyday, but there’s a catch: after one year, the channel and all of its videos will be deleted, as a reminder that everything must die. This channel combats YouTube’s strict guidelines for how videos should be produced with the mature content it brings to its rapidly growing fan-base.

Authentic Vlogging and Healthy Vlogging

Sitting in Dash Coffee Roasters, Mary Mondanaro is beaming watts, enamored with life, and applying her berry Laniege lip balm. Of course, we’re sitting in Dash, because it is her favorite coffee shop in Iowa City and one that is often found in her vlogs. Her essential order? A cold brew with a little room … Read moreAuthentic Vlogging and Healthy Vlogging

ASMR: How YouTube’s #1 Hidden Trend Can Help You Chill Out

Midterm season feels like trial by fire. Every day brings paper deadlines, exam study sessions and even more stress. Laptop keys keep clattering, textbook pages keep flipping and the entire campus collectively tenses up, unwilling to release until exhaustion finally takes over. This entire environment actually hinders academic performance, tripping people up when they need … Read moreASMR: How YouTube’s #1 Hidden Trend Can Help You Chill Out