An Ode to Melrose Avenue

There’s one place in particular that Iowa City forces an immediate physical and verbal response. Heads turn and eyebrows raise. It’s the immediate thought behind the word: tailgate. It’s the holy grail of football Saturdays, and always offers a good time. Melrose Avenue; infamous for the littered lawns and vomit stains that cling to the … Read moreAn Ode to Melrose Avenue

How to Embrace Fall Before It’s Gone

Fall in the Midwest simply cannot be beat. Colorful leaves falling from trees, the smell of bonfires wafting through the crisp air, Saturdays filled with football and steaming bowls of chili are the epitome of comfort. But it always seems to come and go in the blink of an eye. Before we know it, we’ll … Read moreHow to Embrace Fall Before It’s Gone

Devin Francis: Homecoming Warrior

Devin Francis executive director on the Homecoming Council sat in the low lighting of the Student Organization Office Suite among one of the clusters of students collaborating to bring the University of Iowa’s 106th annual Homecoming Week to fruition. Her welcoming and vibrant personality immediately set people at ease and created a great environment for the other students. Angie Benda director of operations … Read moreDevin Francis: Homecoming Warrior