Devin Francis: Homecoming Warrior

Devin Francis executive director on the Homecoming Council sat in the low lighting of the Student Organization Office Suite among one of the clusters of students collaborating to bring the University of Iowa’s 106th annual Homecoming Week to fruition. Her welcoming and vibrant personality immediately set people at ease and created a great environment for the other students. Angie Benda director of operations … Read moreDevin Francis: Homecoming Warrior

Thoughts While Walking Around Campus but with GIFS

“Always take the road less traveled.” – someone much older and wiser than I. The past 2.5 years of college have given me plenty of time to ponder my crazy, beautiful, messed up life. I usually find myself doing most of my thinking while I’m walking to class and observing the world around me. However, the … Read moreThoughts While Walking Around Campus but with GIFS