Fangirling 101: Meredith Corporation

*Disclaimer: This was originally published on Emily Weaver’s blog The word “fangirl” is usually associated with films, comics, or celebrities, but for me it’s networking with professionals. Most fear dressing up business casual and sitting down to discuss your strengths and weaknesses—basically pitching yourself to a company. I get a rush from it. I love pitching … Read moreFangirling 101: Meredith Corporation

Rule the Room: Networking 101

Networking: the thing we all love to hate. And, being young adults, it’s also one of the things we are forced to do the most. It can be the worst. I mean, talking face-to-face with other people can be super awkward: you don’t have the protection of a computer screen, you have to make legitimate … Read moreRule the Room: Networking 101