Among the first: Being a first-generation student

Being the first isn’t easy; it can be scary. You are the guinea pig. You teach people what not to do through your mistakes. However, it is quite an honor. Much like when you are 5 years old and heading down the big slide at the playground for the first time. At the top of … Read moreAmong the first: Being a first-generation student

The Battle Against Social Media

Those of us who are currently in college have experienced life like no generation before us. For many of us, we spent our formative years running outside with our siblings and friends, watching cartoons, playing with toys, and trying to beat games on our Gameboys; this is especially true for me. However, as we reached … Read moreThe Battle Against Social Media

Traveling in Iowa

Spring break is right around the corner and summer is already on many of our minds, so it’s time to start planning. Instead of just hanging out at home, in Iowa City, or traveling halfway across the country, how about taking a short, cheap trip throughout Iowa? Even if you are from Iowa, like me, … Read moreTraveling in Iowa

Four Yoga Poses To Help You Unwind

It’s hard to believe that the semester isn’t even halfway over, but the ongoing stress makes it feel like we’ve already hit week 34. This stress accumulates and makes life so much harder. There are many different methods to help get rid of stress, some of my favorites are crying and stress eating. However, there … Read moreFour Yoga Poses To Help You Unwind

Ending the Road to Perfection

Growing up as a Disney watcher—as so many of us did—it was easy to catch onto so many clichés. Hannah Montana promised us that “nobody’s perfect,” and her Disney peer Selena Gomez offered a much different piece of advice with the familiar chorus of “Who says you’re not perfect.” For me, the conversation with perfection was much … Read moreEnding the Road to Perfection

Rockin’ for a New Generation

“Fashion goes in cycles,” is a comment that I heard in high school right when 90’s chokers were making a reappearance. That statement isn’t shocking to many of us, as we are buying or thrifting mom jeans and stealing old clothes from the back of our parents’ closets. But is this the case for music … Read moreRockin’ for a New Generation

5 Horrifying Stages of Being Sick in College

Fall is arguably one of the best times on campus: the leaves are changing, homecoming is in full swing, and holiday breaks are just around the corner. On the flip side, illness is rampant. You can’t help but take a minute to listen to the symphony of coughing in lecture—we’ve all been there. At the … Read more5 Horrifying Stages of Being Sick in College

Social Media: The Good, The Bad, And The Filtered

With the recent rise in technology, the clicking of keyboards, number of likes on a post, and perfectly filtered photos, have become a prominent discussion. The buzz has members of various social media communities questioning the safety of the platforms, the quality of the content, the psychological ways in which individuals interact online, and the overall intentions … Read moreSocial Media: The Good, The Bad, And The Filtered

Fangirling 101: Meredith Corporation

*Disclaimer: This was originally published on Emily Weaver’s blog The word “fangirl” is usually associated with films, comics, or celebrities, but for me it’s networking with professionals. Most fear dressing up business casual and sitting down to discuss your strengths and weaknesses—basically pitching yourself to a company. I get a rush from it. I love pitching … Read moreFangirling 101: Meredith Corporation