The Bold Type: The Feminist Millennial Show We Need

The Bold Type is a must-see for all women. Especially, if you’re looking for a show with fresh topics, diversity, humor, and depictions of healthy relationships. This show is an amazing representation of what it’s like to be a young professional woman in the workforce navigating every facet of life. The third season is set to premiere April 9th, so get to binge-watching the first two seasons on Hulu or Freeform. You won’t be able to stop watching!

The show follows three best friends working for a women’s magazine in different areas within the magazine: writing, fashion, and social media. These women each bring their own passions, weaknesses, and life experience to their jobs. It’s hard not to identify with each of them on some level. The show really strives to make these women relatable to a contemporary audience. Their friendship is so strong and will make you want to hang out with your girl gang.

The magazine and the workplace are super cool. We get to see how a magazine company is run. We see all the different elements that make up the magazine: business, social media, writing, and fashion. This show is a great opportunity to get to see the inner workings of a magazine, especially if you’re interested in the editorial and publishing field.

One of my favorite parts of the show is the amazing magazine editor: Jacqueline. Normally, female bosses are shown as hardasses and unsympathetic towards the female protagonists. Jacqueline is neither of those things. She is a mother figure, an inspiration, and someone who pushes everyone to be better. She is the mentor we all dream of someday having at our dream job.

Another great aspect of this show is the relationships. Not only are the work relationships and friendships wonderful, but romantic relationships are healthy too. I don’t want to spoil the show, but there are no toxic male love interests. It’s a refreshing take where all breakups are because of healthy and rational reasons. There is no cheating or unrealistic expectations of women. The romantic interests are healthy men who care about these women. They’re also super hot and that doesn’t hurt one bit.

The show takes care to have a diverse cast and to showcase diversity issues within the plot. There is representation of different social, racial, and political groups. The show covers political and social issues that are very prevalent to current events such as the use and ownership of guns. It helps bring light to different issues the audience needs to be aware of, and it does it in a way that viewers can learn.

Lastly, fashion and music are amazing. The girls have access to the entire fashion closet, which they use to their advantage. They step out in some incredible statement pieces. The music has a mix of well-known artists to new ones I love now. There are artists such as Betty Who, Sigrid, and G Flip. The Instagram account: @theboldtypetv sometimes features the playlist of specific episodes. There is also a Spotify playlist. This show is empowering, funny, fresh, and I cannot recommend it enough. Make sure you binge-watch the first two seasons before the next season comes out April 9th!

Here’s the season 3 trailer!

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