Authentic Vlogging and Healthy Vlogging

Sitting in Dash Coffee Roasters, Mary Mondanaro is beaming watts, enamored with life, and applying her berry Laniege lip balm. Of course, we’re sitting in Dash, because it is her favorite coffee shop in Iowa City and one that is often found in her vlogs. Her essential order? A cold brew with a little room … Read moreAuthentic Vlogging and Healthy Vlogging

The Life of a University of Iowa Dancer

During the weekends, you can find dancing all over downtown Iowa City. I mean, who doesn’t love dancing off a stressful week with a night filled with friends? But some dancers, like Sarah Skilling, find themselves at a different kind of “barre” during the week. Skilling is a second-year dance major at the University of … Read moreThe Life of a University of Iowa Dancer