Four Yoga Poses To Help You Unwind

It’s hard to believe that the semester isn’t even halfway over, but the ongoing stress makes it feel like we’ve already hit week 34. This stress accumulates and makes life so much harder. There are many different methods to help get rid of stress, some of my favorites are crying and stress eating. However, there are some much happier, healthier ways to relieve stress, and yoga is one of those. Keep reading to learn a few yoga poses to help you navigate stressful times!

*Remember while doing these poses, to concentrate on your breath and that some of these poses may not be fit for your body.*

Child’s Pose

To do this pose, you will sit back on your heels, leaning forward onto your knees, and reaching your arms forward. Feel free to rock this pose gently side to side. Staying in this position for a few minutes will help clear your mind and help you get through your day. It could even relieve lower back pain!



For these yoga poses, you will be on your hands and knees, making sure your hands are directly under your shoulders and your knees are hip-width apart. You’ll arch your back, which will tip the top of your head to the floor. It should look like a cat stretching its back. To reach the cow pose, gently lift your head and chin towards the ceiling as your stomach lowers towards the floor, imitating the curvature of a cow’s back. Repeat moving through these positions several times. For this exercise, it is helpful to synchronize your inhales and exhales.


Downward dog

When you think of yoga, you may automatically think of this iconic pose. To create this pose on yourself, start on your hands and knees, like you would in the cat/cow progression. Before you push your hips upwards, you will want to tuck your toes. Doing downward dog will give you a good stretch while relieving stress in your mind and body.




This pose may look like just lying on the floor, but it is so much more than that. Lying on your back, your arms will be at your sides (palms up) and toes pointed outward. However, you can adjust this position to the needs of your body, such as bending your knees. While doing this pose, focus on your breathing and clearing your mind. These two things should make you feel more centered and restored.

Yoga may not end all of your life problems, but it has the potential to clear your mind to push through the stress. So, the next time your busy schedule or a ten-page paper have you unraveling, it may help to practice these poses yourself. Find a few minutes in your day and an open space to clear your mind with some simple, gentle yoga poses.

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