An American-made dream: Lana Del Rey’s Norman F*cking Rockwell!

Let’s go on a psychedelic trip through the soothing scores of an introspective falsetto, floating to the ceiling where we’ll ultimately burst into a descension of glitter. Packed in like sardines, a vibration of anxiety and excitement takes over the room. A girl passes out up front. Another one is held back by her boyfriend … Read moreAn American-made dream: Lana Del Rey’s Norman F*cking Rockwell!

Witching Hour and a Mesmerizing Experience

The Concert Witching Hour is a festival that brings creatives from different fields and mediums together to explore their creativity, present new work and connect with other artists and academics. Ella Williams of Squirrel Flower gave a performance that exemplified those values when she opened for Julie Byrne at the Mill on a Friday night. … Read moreWitching Hour and a Mesmerizing Experience

Twenty-One Pilots: My Musical Homecoming

As yellow petals rain down through flashing lights and wild applause, eight words renew the audience’s exhilarated screams: “We are Twenty-One Pilots, and so are you.” These words probably don’t mean anything to most people, but for me, they mean that I’m right where I’m supposed to be—that even though the long-anticipated concert is over, … Read moreTwenty-One Pilots: My Musical Homecoming