Twenty-One Pilots: My Musical Homecoming

As yellow petals rain down through flashing lights and wild applause, eight words renew the audience’s exhilarated screams: “We are Twenty-One Pilots, and so are you.” These words probably don’t mean anything to most people, but for me, they mean that I’m right where I’m supposed to be—that even though the long-anticipated concert is over, … Read moreTwenty-One Pilots: My Musical Homecoming

Witching Hour: Sounds of Commanders, Younger, Here Lies Man

What do you get when you mix groove-infused punk, femme art rock, and African rhythm? A genre-bending musical experience full of experimental sounds and bewitching performances!   Last Friday night, three very different bands took to Gabe’s upstairs stage, shaking the fairy-lighted ceiling with their completely individual sounds. As a part of this year’s Witching Hour … Read moreWitching Hour: Sounds of Commanders, Younger, Here Lies Man