VERVE’s Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is stressful for everyone. There are so many errands to run, so much food to cook, and finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list seems impossible. VERVE Magazine has created a local gift guide to find the perfect gift for even your most picky of family members.  Prairie Lights The … Read moreVERVE’s Holiday Gift Guide

A New Outlook On Second Chances

They say miracles aren’t possible—that they’re a cliché only found in the movies. People may say that miracles aren’t attainable in real life, and if you believe in them then you’re oblivious to the real world. Although I was skeptical of those ideas for countless years, I had a realization. Miracles don’t manifest the ways we … Read moreA New Outlook On Second Chances

Twenty-One Pilots: My Musical Homecoming

As yellow petals rain down through flashing lights and wild applause, eight words renew the audience’s exhilarated screams: “We are Twenty-One Pilots, and so are you.” These words probably don’t mean anything to most people, but for me, they mean that I’m right where I’m supposed to be—that even though the long-anticipated concert is over, … Read moreTwenty-One Pilots: My Musical Homecoming

Spreading Good Cheer: 6 Reasons Why the Holiday Season Deserves More than 25 Days

We’re all familiar with the classic debate about whether or not it is acceptable to start getting in the Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving has even happened. Don’t get me wrong– Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, deserving of its own recognition (partially because of the amazing layout of never-ending food). I also have come to the … Read moreSpreading Good Cheer: 6 Reasons Why the Holiday Season Deserves More than 25 Days