Who’s That Girl?

It would be impossible to count how many times my friends or I have said the words, “I don’t want to be that girl.”  This is the unwritten rule among girls to avoid exhibiting certain qualities, specifically directed at boys. “That girl” is needy, clingy, demanding, whiny, and overdramatic. Guys supposedly hate her and girls … Read moreWho’s That Girl?

The Importance of a Breakup Playlist

I recently went through a messy breakup. The details aren’t important, and you honestly don’t care. That’s how I felt about most breakup songs that I heard on the radio as well—I didn’t care. That was until I went through a breakup myself, and then it all made sense. I always found breakup songs to … Read moreThe Importance of a Breakup Playlist

Who’s The “Mom Friend” of Your Girl Group?

It’s clear when you become a mom. People shower you balloons and flowers to help welcome you into the new world you have entered. But what about when you become the mom friend? Maybe it happens in one great moment of “momness” as you’re holding your crying roommate–or someone you just met.  Maybe you’ve developed … Read moreWho’s The “Mom Friend” of Your Girl Group?