Thoughts While Walking Around Campus but with GIFS

“Always take the road less traveled.” – someone much older and wiser than I.

The past 2.5 years of college have given me plenty of time to ponder my crazy, beautiful, messed up life. I usually find myself doing most of my thinking while I’m walking to class and observing the world around me.

However, the most unique and comically absurd thoughts find me when I’m least expecting them.  I’ve learned to pay more attention to these out-of-the-blue notions, as they always seem to give me some sort of relief, chuckle, or differing perspective. I’ve also come to realize that the beauty of a wandering mind will spark wonders while still managing to question my sanity.

“I really should walk faster so I’m not late to class, but I’ll probably trip over my own feet sooooo…”

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-Anyone who knows me knows that I’m one of the most coordinated people on this planet—until it comes to walking in a straight line.

 “I really need a nap.”

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-Yes, it’s only 8:00 am and I barely made it to my first class, please don’t remind me.

“That’s the 10th squirrel I’ve seen today and it’s just as cute as the other nine.”

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-Because everyone knows that college squirrels are better than regular squirrels.

“I really hope no one can tell (heavy breathing) how out of breath I am from (heavy breathing) walking up those stairs.”


-I probably shouldn’t have eaten Pringles for dinner last night, but hey, I’m here for a good time, not a long time.

“I told myself I wouldn’t be that person that takes the elevator up one floor, yet here we are, once again.”

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– *Tries to embrace the judgement of every person on the elevator as they watch you walk out*

“I’m literally starving. Maybe I’ll stop and grab food later.”

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-HA! Just kidding, I have $4 in my checking account. @MacAndCheese, I’m comin for ya.



-If I see you walking your dog, prepare to stop and let me pet it. Also, I will forever envy the people who get to see their dog every day.

“This is the third time I’ve worn these sweatpants this week.”

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-Proceeds to, yet again, wear them for a fourth time the following day.

“I really should call my mom.”


-Ya know, the usual conversation: say I love you, ask for pictures of the dog, and tell her I’ve eaten chicken strips for my past four meals.

“I seriously have the greatest college and I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.”

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-I love my Hawkeyes to the moon and back!

It can be a healthy relief to let your mind wander every so often. In fact, I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. Walk to clear your mind, walk to meet someone new, walk to explore the unexplored, but most importantly, walk to be a better YOU.  Every day is a clean slate, and with every clean slate comes a new opportunity to embrace your creativity. Don’t be afraid to walk with no destination in mind.

Take the scenic route– you’ll thank yourself one day!

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